Presidency Team

Jaakko Nousiainen, Finnish Institute Vice President EUNIC London 2018-2020 Jaakko has a multidisciplinary background in several different areas of the arts and culture sector. He has worked as a project manager and a producer, studied digitalisation of the performing arts, directed and scripted new opera for smart phones and tablets. His stage productions have been shown in Helsinki, London, Berlin and Tokyo. Nousiainen is a digital and new media expert, and he has a special interest in combining art and new technologies. He holds a Doctor of Arts degree in media art from the University of Lapland, Rovaniemi.
Claudia Ott, Austrian Cultural Forum Vice President EUNIC London 2019-2020 Claudia joined the Austrian Cultural Forum London in January 2018 and has been working and collaborating with EUNIC London for the past 4 years, first as intern and later as Communications Coordinator for the European Literature Festival 2016 and the European Writer’s Tour 2017. She has worked on numerous high-profile cultural projects, among others the outdoor photography exhibition ‘Another Europe’, and has a strong interest in intercultural collaborations. She holds a MA in Cultural Policy, Relations and Diplomacy from Goldsmiths University of London.
Zsófia Nyul, Hungarian Cultural Centre Vice President EUNIC London 2019-2020 Zsófi has a diverse background in performing arts and in the music industry, taken from the Budapest music and theatre arts’ scene. She took her master’s degree in clinical & health psychology, and spent the past 6 years gaining a broad experience in London’s events and sales industry. She worked with art and film institutions such as Tate Britain, BFI or Paramount Pictures and is now dedicated to promote artistic and cultural values, collaboration and unity across countries. Zsófi’s main interests are mental health awareness, psychoanalytic film theory and the therapeutic power of the arts.
Csaba Méhes, Hungarian Cultural Centre Vice President EUNIC London 2019-2020 Csaba has been an active member of EUNIC since 2017. He has a background in digital communication and international relations, with an MA degree in World Politics and Popular Culture from Newcastle University. Csaba has been previously involved in international events and creative projects at the Municipality of Budapest and various nonprofits. As communication and programme manager of the Hungarian Cultural Centre, he has extensive experience in promoting culture for young audiences using innovative ideas and social media tools. 
Lucie Campos, Institut Français Vice President EUNIC London 2018-2019 Lucie Campos joined the EUNIC London team in 2017. Attachée for Books and Ideas at the French Embassy and director of the French Book Office in London, her role is to actively support literature in translation and Franco-British debate in the UK. She has worked for the Collège de France, Institut français Paris, and UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Franco-Irish, she has taught comparative literature in a number of French universities, published books about contemporary writers such as Sebald, Kertész and Coetzee, and is an editor for La Vie des Idées and the “Littérature, Histoire, Politique” series at Classiques Garnier.
Magda Stroe, Romanian Cultural Institute Vice President EUNIC London 2018-2019 Magda Stroe has been working for the Romanian Cultural Institute since 2006, when she started as a project coordinator/manager with the founding team in London. With a Computer Science degree and experience in online communication, Magda worked on the development and implementation of large cultural projects such as “The Transylvania Festival”, “The Romanian Retrospective” at the British Film Institute, The Enescu Series and The Romanian Cinematheque. Between 2008-2016 she served as Deputy Director of the Romanian Cultural Institute in London.
Pauliina Ståhlberg, Finnish Institute EUNIC London President 2017-2018 Pauliina (MA) joined the EUNIC London presidency team in 2017. She has a long career in media, ranging from working in feature films to the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE. She has also worked d as the Head of Sponsorship and Communications at the Finnish National Gallery Ateneum. Pauliina has a keen interest in freedom of speech and women´s rights and has trained female journalists in Afghanistan.
Catarina Ferreira, Portuguese Embassy EUNIC London President 2016 - 2017 Vice Presidents: Lukas Van Damme, Flanders House & Achilleas Hadjikyriacou, Cyprus High Commission "I'm truly honoured to lead such an inspiring group of colleagues, especially in these challenging times of changing paradigm in the UK and in Europe. My vision is to develop exciting partnerships outside of London, reaching out to new partners in particular in the Vote Leave areas."
Achilleas Hadjikyriacou, Cyprus High Commission President March - September 2016 Vice-Presidents: Catarina Coutinho Ferreira, Portuguese Embassy and Lukas Van Damme, Flanders House 'It is an honour and privilege to lead an outstanding network of institutions which share the common vision of culture being a means of international dialogue. By initiating joint projects and building strong partnerships EUNIC London is an active agent which promotes European civilisation, ethos and cultural diversity.'
Tereza Porybna, Czech Centre London EUNIC London President 2014-2016 Vice-Presidents: Anna Godlewska, Polish Cultural Institute and Rita Valiukonytė, Lithuanian Embassy in London “Chairing EUNIC London is a privilege, a pleasure and an opportunity to connect many inspiring art and cultural projects from all over Europe with their UK counterparts. It is a chance to network, bring to life ideas and pull together resources to really make things happen.”
Dorian Branea, Romanian Cultural Institute EUNIC London President 2012-2014 Vice Presidents: D. Julio Crespo MacLennan, Instituto Cervantes in London, and Ben Harris, British Council. "A protean partnership of organizations endowed with a state-of-the art expertize in international cultural cooperation, EUNIC London has become, through its signature projects, more numerous and ambitious every year, not only a distinguished presence in London and in the UK, but also one of the most innovative and active EUNIC clusters in the world. "
Peter Mikl, Austrian Cultural Forum EUNIC London president 2011–2012 Vice Presidents: Ben Harris, British Council and Daphne Thissen, Dutch Embassy ‘EUNIC London is going from strength to strength, building lasting partnerships with UK arts professionals in various fields, and creating greater understanding and awareness of the huge variety and diversity of European arts, science and culture.’
Ildiko Takács, Hungarian Cultural Centre EUNIC London president 2010–2011 Vice Presidents: Raija Koli, Finnish Institute and Peter Mikl, Austrian Cultural Forum ‘EUNIC London is a true manifestation of a strong and creative unity in diversity. Although it is a young network, it already has an impressive track-record of remarkable projects.’
Laurence Auer, French Institute EUNIC London president 2009–2010 Vice President: Ildiko Takács, Hungarian Cultural Centre ‘EUNIC London provides a fantastic opportunity to offer a common perspective on each others' cultures, build bridges between creative processes, and produce amazing events that would never happen otherwise.’
Gabriela Massaci, Romanian Cultural Institute Founding president, EUNIC London 2007–2009 Vice Presidents 2007-2008: Johannes Wimmer, Director Forum Cultural Austria and Dr Roland Goll, Goethe Institut Vice Presidents 2008-2008 : Laurence Auer, French Institute and Ladislav Pflimpfl, Czech Centre ‘EUNIC London has grown into an outstanding network of professional partners and friends, all fluent in European, a multi-voice language with a shared set of values.’
Anastasia Mina New Executive Secretary, EUNIC London Anastasia Mina is our New Executive Secretary. She has joined the Eunic London team in August 2017. Anastasia has a background in Visual Arts. She graduated from Athens School of Fine Arts (2005-10) with Diploma in Painting and then completed an MA in Printmaking at the Royal College of Art, London (2012-14). She lives and works in London since 2012.
Marie Proffit Executive Secretary, EUNIC London (Jan 2011-July 2017) Marie is a French-born freelance Cultural Manager working at the intersection of arts, creativity and innovation at European level. As the first Executive Secretary of the network, she has developed and implemented EUNIC London strategy in collaboration with the successive Presidency Teams, managed our communication channels and overviewed our portfolio of projects and partnerships.